Wednesday, September 29, 2010

State gets Polavaram shocker from Centre

The state’s efforts to get national status for the Polavaram project received a jolt on Tuesday when the Central Water Commission (CWC) made it clear that it would not send the proposal for clearance to the Expenditure and Finance Committee (EFC) until the Central Electricity Authority gave the Techno Economic Clearance (TEC) for the 960-mw hydro power project.

This means that national status for Polavaram will take more time as the CEA has asked AP Genco to prepare a detailed project report for a second time.

The project has been waiting for national status for four years. It had received all clearances and was awaiting a final nod from the EFC. The irrigation department, meanwhile, has dropped hopes of getting the TEC in time and has requested the Chief Minister’s permission to go ahead with separate tenders for the hydro project and the dam and spill way.

Raising serious objections over availability of water and floods in the Godavari, the CEA had asked Genco to submit a revised project report to get the TEC. “We are finalising the report as the apex electricity body wanted to know about several other aspects of the project, it will take more time,” said Mr Adiseshu, director (Hydel), Genco.

Until AP Genco submits a revised DPR, there will be no TEC. If there is no TEC, the CWC will not propose national status for the project before the EFC.

The state is awaiting the status as it would ensure 90 per cent of the project cost from the Centre.

Meanwhile, the National Forum Against Polavaram Dam resolved to stall the project alleging that it will displace more than two lakh people and over 300 habitations. The convener of the forum, Mr Badal Kumar Tah, said consent has not been taken from the people of affected.


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