Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time to be truly Republic

Pledge is not respected
Raja, actor
The sense of community and regionalism among people has always been stronger than patriotism towards the country. I have the right to settle down anywhere, as per the provisions of the constitution. Though I respect the sentiments, it hurts me to see that what we pledged for as students, is not what we follow. The present tussle is getting blown out of proportions at a time when there are bigger issues to deal with. People should fight for educational policies, allotment of work and government-endorsed programmes.
Let’s be practical
Yamini Reddy, classical dancer
We must celebrate the Republic Day with introspection. We need to rethink who we are. When we have crossed international boundaries and made our mark, when the world is getting globalised, we must realise that our true worth is only the quality of work we deliver. And it is work that is suffering because of this identity crisis and political turmoil. We have to be practical and not fanatical in our outlook. The image of the city takes a beating when you see the turbulent situation on national news.
‘We can’t risk becoming insular’
Sunil Lohar, artist
I am from Karna-taka, yet I stay in Hyderabad. This is a gift of given to us by the constitution. Our constitution provides us the courage to settle down anywhere in the country. Our city is vibrant with a rich culture and we must retain it. The development of the country and state is paramount, we cannot risk becoming insular. It is important to be open-minded because the state is made of all kinds of people and this is what gives it a unique character of its own. What took 20 years to develop, should not be destroyed in 20 days. The image of the city is at jeopardy. Insecurities pervade at every level, as does the identity of a person in a multiethnic country like ours. Change is needed, but it should be constructive, not destructive.”
‘India will overcome’
Kiran Tirumalasetti, advocate, High Court of AP
When we step out of the country to fly abroad, we are not recognised by our regional and caste identities. We are known as Indians, no matter which region we belong to.
The demonstrations and agitations we see in AP and other parts of the country, are politically aggravated. The common man still swears by the unity of the country. The country was previously segregated on the basis of language. How will we develop if we continue to divide ourselves without focusing on the bigger picture? India will overcome.”


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